Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two words: Land Leeches

Hello friends!

Okay, first of all internet is even more sparse than I thought, but I will try my best to continue the updates in spite of that!

So, hello from Australia! Yes, I made it, and I am indeed alive! The plane ride wasn't terrible, I slept most of the way, which is definitely how you should do it! We are now at the field station, which is very nice, despite the lack of internet. The showers were a bit awkward at first, as there were no shower curtains, but the latter problem at least has now been fixed and all is well in the world!

Cool things I have seen so far? Why, I'm glad you asked! Around camp, there are many Australian Brush Turkeys, which, in case anyone was wondering, have a very interesting ecological mechanism called temperature dependent sex determination, where, essentially, if the eggs are kept cooler, all of them are guys, and if they're kept warmer, all of them are girls. Pretty neat, right? Also, there are these absolutely adorable miniature forest kangaroos called pandamelons that wander around the path to the cabins. There is also, apparently a rather large ball python hanging out around said path. Finally, look up land leeches. They are things of nightmares! You're just standing on the ground, minding your business, and suddenly they're crawling up your shoes and on your legs. Somehow, they know exactly when someone walks by, since you don't really see them anywhere except right under you! Someone in the science department, ask Dr. Wilson how they do that for me, 'kay? :)

And also, look up Tropical Cyclone Yasi. It is, in fact, on a direct course for us! Meaning that tomorrow, we get to have a giant sleepover in one of the rooms at the center, so we're all together, just in case. It'll be an awesome adventure...I mean, who else can say that they experienced a cyclone within the first 48 hours of their study abroad? None of you London-folk, I'm sure! :)

I will cut this off now, and let you all get back to your business. I'm not sure when my next update will be, as we will likely be without internet for several days due to the storm, but I will try to post again as soon as possible!

Ta Ta For Now!


  1. So exciting! Thanks for sharing! Stay safe during Yasi and upload a picture or two if you can. Those pandamelons sound super cute ;)

  2. Before we took off, my pilot was like, "And we'll be flying over Vanuatu where the cyclone is brewing. It should be interesting, but we're going to brave it." Then a few hours later he was like, "If you look out the right side of the plane, the cyclone is over there, if you're interested in seeing that." WHAT. Erin, don't get hit by a falling tree or something, I'll never forgive you. :P I'm glad your shower adventure is fixed... that would be super awkward. Do you have to share shower facilities with the boys? Also, the turkeys are hilarious, there are a bunch at UQ and they hop up on tables and stuff to eat rubbish people leave there. Those leeches sound terrifying. I despise leeches. I hope you're having a great trip so far!!