Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Kingdom for a Shower

Hey everyone!
Yes, we did indeed survive Cyclone Yasi, with little more damage than a few downed trees and alot of leaves on the ground...The cyclone veered south right before landfall, missing us for the most part. However, that meant bad things for some towns south of us, who were leveled, including Mission Beach, which is one of the strongholds for the cassowary population (If you haven't seen a cassowary, google it. They're pretty awesome). They don't do well after cyclones, so we're talking about gathering food for them and carting it down there!

One thing Yasi did do was knock out our power for five days. Not a big deal, since we're outside most of the time, except for one thing: Showers. We spent five days with no showers. It was NASTY! We did get to go to a freshwater crater lake and swim, but a little shampoo goes a long ways. It made my week, when the power came on late last night, and we all went running for the bathrooms!

We've also now gotten a taste of the centerpoint of local culture: the pub. Sadly, this wasn't half as exciting for me, since I don't drink, but it was very entertaining being able to talk to the Australians there, and we had some cool conversations!

In other news, I got to see a three foot monitor lizard up close and personal yesterday while taking out the compost...It looked like a miniature Komodo Dragon!

Okay, so this is a super short, and very random post, but I'll keep it that way, since our student internet isn't working yet, and there's a long line for the computer. I'll talk to you all later!


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