Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prep Time!

Good grief, I'm leaving in a day and a half...when did that happen? That's right, on Saturday at 1:20 PM, I will be on my way. First stop, Dallas, where I will meet up with one other girl from SFS, and then we're off to LA. The plan is to have a "last dinner" with the group, then on a looooooooooooong flight to Brisbane. Brisbane is where I will finally be able to meet my beloved roomie's finacee, and get to see my beloved roomie, of course! Then a two hour hop to Cairns, and a drive to the station! Sounds like the day from heck, huh? Total air time: 23 hours. Total travel time: about 34 hours. Makes me shudder just to think about it! And the worst thing? I won't get to watch the hockey All-Star game! :(

But for now, I have another day and a half to spend with the Fam, that is, if they don't drive me nuts first! Tomorrow, I'm meeting my grandad for lunch, then off to a hockey game! It's just the Norfolk Admirals, but the games are fun anyway...Lot's of free soda, blood, and guts. All the guys are trying so hard to make it into the NHL, that there are lot's of fights and it makes for a pretty exhilarating game.

Packing has been a bear. It's really hard to fit three months into two check bags, you know? The lucky thing is having done the Caribbean trip earlier this month. It was a perfect "prequel" to this trip! I got to realize what I needed and didn't need. For example, Need: Lot's of bug spray, anti-itch cream, and a new backpack that actually has a hip belt. Didn't need: So many clothes! My mom wasn't happy when she realized that that meant I needed a whole new shopping trip! But it was good, and we got most everything in one trip. Now, it's just fitting it all in the space alotted, and telling myself that, no, I do not need to bring such a huge first aid kit...What can I say, I like to be prepared!

That's all for now, and hopefully my next post will be from the Land Down Under! Sayonara, tomodachi!

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  1. Sounds fantastic, Erin! Junior here, just to let you know that I'm following your every post and am here to stalk you over the internet and make sure you're okay.

    Much love for you over your trip, and I know you'll have lots of adventures for me :D