Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

Why, hello there! Don't know how you stumbled upon this page, or why you feel like spending some of your time here, but okay! Whatever the reason (I suspect procrastination...Am I right?), you probably have lot's of questions. Questions like: Who are you? Why are you making a blog? Who in the world gave you a scalpel, and were they crazy? Well, I'll try to answer those questions right off the bat. Except for the last one... That you'll never know! ; )

My name is Erin. I am a junior in college. I am a Biology major, on a pre-veterinary track, who likes to play soccer, practice martial arts, and work with animals.

Any questions? No? Good! Moving on!

I will be studying abroad in the Atherton Tablelands of Australia. From January 2011 until May 2011, I will try to document the events of living in a rainforest field station, so that my family and friends can keep up with my trials and travails, which could range from run-ins with cassowary to tree-plantings to the wonders of cabin life and my quest to pick up an Australian accent. Hopefully, this will also help to assuage some of the lingering doubts about my continued survival that many who hear where I am going seem to have, as well. : )

So, continue on with your business and I shall return soon!

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